Circadian Lapse is a new progressive metal band formed in Stanhope, NJ.  The current lineup is Shane Santucci, Matt Shindle, Ryan Flaherty, Justin Byron and Levi Parkas.  The band keeps a common time feel while shifting seamlessly through methodical meter changes and emotion reflective tempo shifts. The lyrics masterfully toe the line between insanity and poetry.  Stainless fretwork and clean hooks mesh harmony with the murderous chugs and intricate riffs. There is an eerie contrast between the aggressive screams, and soaring melodies. The punchy drum fills and tight unison hit with staggering power.

Since the early months of 2016, the group has been relentlessly grinding to put out new material and meet new faces.  They've played shows throughout the Tri-State area. Their debut album, "A Suppressed Existence", was released on June 30th, 2017. Their newest work, a 7 song EP called Ethereal Mind, will be available November 9th, 2018.

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